7 healthy snacks to manage rheumatoid arthritis pain

FROM:  https://www.dailybundlehub.com/topic/22/rheumatoid+arthritis+chronic+pain/?utm_campaign=7I24Fx7&g_ci Rheumatoid arthritis or RA is an autoimmune disorder that results in chronic inflammation. This inflammation is usually first seen in the smaller joints of the body; however, the inflammation can affect and damage all joints and also other parts of the body such as the eyes, lungs, heart, skin, and blood vessels. The …

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Driving Ergonomics

Sitting properly in a motor vehicle can lessen neck and low back pain, but more importantly, can decrease the severity of bodily injury from a motor vehicle crash.  Click on the link below to read an article on Driving Ergonomics.   http://www.ergonomicssimplified.com/tips/driving

Omega-3 and recommended dosage (Click Here)

One of the benefits of taking Omega-3, is to help decrease spinal pain and inflammation.  Are you taking it?   http://www.toyourhealth.com/mpacms/tyh/article.php?id=1863 http://www.naturemade.com/resource-center/articles-and-videos/heart-health/how-much-fish-oil-consider-the-benefits-of-omega-3s#mhPuuFg674JfKPVB.97      

Taking Control of Neck Pain

Common causes of neck pain include watching TV, using a computer, reading a book, or talking on the phone, especially with the receiver held on your shoulder or under your chin. Fortunately, this pain usually subsides within a short period of time, particularly if you discontinue the offending activity for a while. On the other …

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